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Label: DDD
Nr kat.: DDD-JJB-T01
Format: LP+12"
Kraj: PL
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  • 01 Ouverture A L`Iris.mp3
  • 02 Doute Des Mandibules.mp3
  • 03 Desert Cruel.mp3
  • 04 Le Libre Arbitraire.mp3
  • 05 Cosinus.mp3
  • 06 1 Rendez-Vous Ceremonie.mp3
  • 07 2 Rendez-Vous Accident.mp3
  • 08 Du Travail.mp3
  • 09 Comment Ca Va.mp3
  • 10 Le Spectacle Est Dans La Salle.mp3
  • 11 Coquillage (Jorge Velez remix).mp3
  • 12 L`Homme A La Camera (Tuff Sherm remix).mp3
  • 13 L`Homme A La Camera (Eltron John remix).mp3
  • 14 7-11 (Thurston Moore remix).mp3

DDD Records is a label and a store based in Paris. Un Drame Musical Instantané is a collective of French composers led by Jean-Jacques Birgé. In 1984, they composed their own score to Dziga Vertov's groundbreaking 1929 film The Man With A Movie Camera. This release features original 1984 copies of L'Homme A La Camera, as well as more recent material. In 2017, several producers were approached by DDD records to create new tracks or remixes using this rich and unusual recording as source material.

A1. Jorge Velez - Coquillage The EP opens with Coquillage by US producer Jorge Velez. The word means sea shell in French, and this track is like putting one to your ear. Definitely on the more ambient side of things, Coquillage is full of eerie sounds, from the sea to marine wildlife and other unidentified sources which all create an unsettling atmosphere. Ever shifting and phasing, differently textured pads create a sense of wide open space and spiralling free fall through it.

A2. Un Drame Musical Instantané - L'Homme À La Caméra (Tuff Sherm remix) Australian producer Tuff Sherm aka Dro Carey delivers a remix which plods along at 112 BPM with an infectious rhythm section thanks to terrific drum programming. Add a bunch of short samples, from metallic sounds to flute licks and many other instruments used in the original UDMI recording and the result is a stripped down remix that nonetheless remains full of surprises.

B1. Un Drame Musical Instantané - L'Homme À La Caméra (Eltron John remix) Polish producer Eltron John's remix increases the BPM slightly. With the combination of flawless drum machine sequencing and a mellow bassline with a variety of UDMI samples, this is a tune where brass instruments, tubular instruments, lush pads, and other incidental sounds are used to great effect. There's an undoubtedly positive, uplifting vibe in this track which successfully uses UDMI's sounds in a house music context.

B2. Thurston Moore - 7-11 Closing the EP is this distinctive remix by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth fame. You think you're in a for a purely musique concrète trip as the song begins with prepared piano, beeps and heavily treated noise. That's until an infectious drum loop evocative of music played in warehouses rather than concert halls appears. Said loop is cleverly treated and gets noisier and noisier as the track progresses. The contrast between the track's more experimental approach and the immediate pleasure procured by the drums makes it quite unforgettable.

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