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Invisible Family EP #2

Invisible Family EP #2
Nr kat.: INVINC17
Format: 12"+MP3
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  • a1 Konzel - Haptic Didactic.mp3
  • a2 Apiento & Co - ESP (Secret Circuit long Time Afro dub).mp3
  • b1 Gazeebo - Dancing In Orbit.mp3
  • b2 Natural Sugars - Riddurum Invaders.mp3
  • b3 Der Kundalini - Journey Inward.mp3


Finally the long-awaited second series of ‘Invisible Family’ outings has arrived. Label boss and compiler GK Machine has this to say: ‘Beyond ecstatic to get these tracks out. The Gazeebo track I’ve been playing in my sets for years. Digital only but SO great it definitely needed to get pressed onto wax!! I would DJ with it using Ableton and speed it up a lot so for the vinyl I asked Jon (Nedza) who I’ve been a huge fan of since his Community Recordings releases on Grayhound and Imperial Dub, whether he could speed it up a little bit before we pressed it up. Now it’s 100% perfect: a Moroder-esque cosmic stomper that’s sure to set any dancefloor alight. The Apiento track is another one that’s been gestating for a long time…first appearing around the time the original “E.S.P.” 12′ appeared on the wonderful Golf Channel Recordings in 2014. Secret Circuit gave it a complete overhaul, in fact several complete overhauls, plus some of his signature guitar and has turned the already blissful track into an afro-esque, trippy, beautiful, beautiful piece of music that (IMO) is one of his best yet. Utterly gorgeous!! Then there’s the boy-girl retro-future duo Der Kundalini coming from the wonderful Lectric Sands stable in NY who gave us Zoovox. This one’s also been hiding on my hard drive way too long! Finally relative newcomers Konzel (of Junto Club/Optimo Music fame) & Natural Sugars (Pardon My French) round off the package just perfectly. The former so distinct that I felt it was a perfect opener for the A side. So, I hope you dig it…and keep an eye out for the super limited 12-track cassette too!!!’ Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.



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