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The Sampler As Time Machine

The Sampler As Time Machine
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  • 01 Human Being.mp3
  • 02 Overwrite The Past.mp3
  • 03 It's All Connected.mp3
  • 04 Time Can Break In.mp3
  • 05 We Are The Beat.mp3
  • 06 Marconi's Eternal Tone Cloud.mp3
  • 07 Made Of Glass.mp3
  • 08 Which Memories Will Make It.mp3


Optimo Music is delighted to release the new album from Lia Mice, Australian-born but UK-residing DJ, producer and instrument designer. Here’s a few words from Lia - “When I moved to London in 2015, many things changed at once - I started going to more techno and electro nights, I changed my live-set setup, and I had access to a fully-equipped recording studio through my music masters programme. At the same time I was reading a lot of books on time travel, not just science fiction but also psychology and neuroscience - like how the human brain perceives time from moment to moment, how we can experience overlapping time, and how we interact with our past and future through memory and imagination. “The Sampler As A Time Machine” is the result of all these new influences coming together. The tracks were developed out of ongoing studio experiments interpreting these different ideas of time travel by using samplers and tape to re-sample and manipulate original music performed by me on various instruments including my voice.” 112794;"Please meet the young production duo of Davin Coady and Geoff Foley known as “Between Ourselves” from Water-ford/Ireland, one of the Irish key cities for the more deeper flavours of underground House-music. They have previously released on labels such as Republik and Galaktika. Their offering is comprised of 2 tracks. The first track ‘Red Mist’ is a melodic driven tune with an epic monster-break that hur-tles the listener to an uplifting climax. The 2nd Track ‘Guidance’ hits the spot with a catchy bassline in the break, the ‘hook’ of the tune. None other than Berlin based Ruede Hagelstein created a remix for ‘Red Mist’. Indeed he is a man for those special tunes that will always stay on your mind. He stripped down the original to its bare essence keeping the epic feel - a dirty dark masterpiece. Andre Lodemanns edit of ‘Red Mist’ pushes the floor potential to the max with his customized drum sounds.



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