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Moogie EP

Moogie EP
Nr kat.: LFT003
Format: 12"
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  • a1 Nite Fleit - Hot Bot.mp3
  • a2 Mall Grab - Reconnaissance.mp3
  • b1 Mall Grab & Nite Fleit - Anatomy Of The Senses.mp3
  • b2 Mall Grab & Nite Fleit - Moogie.mp3


LFT003 is an introduction to the music that Jordon Alexander (Mall Grab) and long-time friend, housemate and sometimes-DJ-partner Alysha Fleiter (Nite Fleit) have worked on over the past year together. The product of swapping stems on tour, trains and at home, the ‘Moogie’ EP combines two individual and two collaborative tracks for the third release on the Looking For Trouble label.

After destroying dance floors worldwide, Nite Fleit’s “Hot Bot” finally sees the light of day at A1. With EBM-leaning atmospheric percussion and a huge pulsating bassline, this is a proven peak time club weapon.

Mall Grab’s “Reconnaissance” (A2) is another club-geared stomper with a throbbing bassline and breakbeat homage that operates deep within old-skool rave territory. Having made its mark as an unidentified dub in all of MG’s sets over the past year, “Reconnaissance” is now ready to be unleashed!

B1, “Anatomy of the Senses”, the collaborative debut from Nite Fleit and Mall Grab, is a promising introduction to future products of this fusion. With NF’s signature evolving and pulsing basslines/synthesis, and MG’s distinct drum programming/synth licks, this trance-acid-tekno 4/4 stomper is an unapologetic body-shaker.

Closing off the record, “Moogie” (B2) is the second official melding of the minds of NF + MG, an electronica-leaning electro number that feels as at home in headphones as it does on a packed dance floor.



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