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Locus Of Control Vol. 2

Locus Of Control Vol. 2
Label: 430 West
Nr kat.: 4W720
Format: 12"
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Building on the success of Vol 1, Detroit pioneers Octave One now serve up Locus of Control Volume 2, continuing their journey of exploration of power or powerlessness over what moves one’s world. This EP comes after a busy series of shows for the most famous live act in all of techno, with them recently having played everywhere from Piknic Électronik Montréal to Movement to Dimensions Festival and many more. The show is an all new audio-visual experience for 2019 and continues to keep them at the forefront of the scene despite more than 30 years of experience. Locus of Control Part 2 follows a remix of Giorgia Angiuli and lands on their own 430 West label once more. This EP series takes its name from a psychological concept that refers to how strongly
people believe they have control over the situations and experiences that affect their lives. Part 1 showcased euphoric piano stabs and uplifting drum lines, and Part 2 explores more propulsive techno. Up first, ‘Afrotech’ is a seven minute techno adventure. It’s built on sleek, crisp drums with twisted synths writhing about up top. The devil is in the detail and the way the synths are subtly tweaked throughout to make for a most dynamic journey once more from these brilliant brothers.
The excellent ‘Detune’ is a futuristic track with layers of shiny metallic drums and taught synth riffs that make for a tense and thrilling ride. Big drums power things along and the whole thing is the sort of sensory overload that will blow up even the biggest warehouse parties and festival stages. These are two more powerful tracks from the ever essential Octave One.



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