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Only Now (Red Vinyl)

  • Kolekcjonerski singiel W.A.O.!

Only Now (Red Vinyl)
Label: Ubiquity
Nr kat.: UR12325
Format: 12"
Styl: African
Kraj: PL
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Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra (WAO) scorches with their sound, rooted in Lagos while adding their own unique flavors.'Only Now' is the first-single from their upcoming full-length album which also includes a remix by Bosq from Whiskey Barons.
Formed in 2012, the 10-piece band consists of musicians that have worked and collaborated with each other in different projects ranging from rock, jazz, folk, reggae and funk in the ever-evolving and musically diverse underground music scene in Poland. Inspired by the masters of Afrobeat, world music, as well as African tribal music which is evident in their lyrics and choruses that repeat and weave in and out of deep, hypnotic grooves infusing it with a transcendental quality. 'Only Now' is crafted in this fashion and is one of the band's first compositions. The rhythm and groove of Afrobeat is the foundation with what the band describes as 'folk' styled vocal arrangements layered on top that blur the distinction between background and lead vocals. The resulting sound cannot be classified as strictly Afrobeat especially with the infectious vocals that are an amalgamation of '80s female pop groups, Indie-rock and contemporary Afro-Soul groups.

On the flip we have Bosq of Whiskey Barons turning up the dancefloor quotient level to 10 with his remix. Supplied with the original track stems while also replaying and recreating some of the arrangements, Bosq infuses his signature hybrid sound of Afro-Funk, House and Soul and creates his own unique interpretation of WAO's music as a producer and DJ whose sole purpose is to keep the dancefloor movin'.

Look for the full-length album debut from Warsaw Afrobeat Orchestra in 2014.



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