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  • a1 Skin.mp3
  • a2 Remote.mp3
  • b1 Stripped.mp3
  • b2 Hexagonia.mp3


TRACKLIST: A1. Skin A2. Remote B1. Stripped B2. Hexagonia RELEASE NOTES Hugo Frederick has been bubbling under the surface of Melbourne’s incredibly strong electronic scene for years. Now it’s his turn to suit up for an immense 12″ on Plastic World full of euphoria and pianos. Soaring on an intricate combination of whirling ambient undercurrents, classic 90s house pianos and a deep understanding of house music and the groove that exists within it, Hugo Frederick’s debut EP Skin is truly something to behold. Skin introduces two sides to Hugo Frederick’s musical palette, the first of which is the expansive house works that are found on the A side. Opener ‘Skin’ sees Frederick realise the potential he showed in earlier releases, setting loose a textural piece that is tied together with classic keys and the introduction of a fierce kick drum half way through the song. ‘Remote’ draws the listener back in with a more subdued affair, enticing them in with wondering synths and inclusive vocals, culminating in the perfect release that leads into the B-side of the record. The flip side finds Hugo Frederick exploring his more experimental ability, with the hypnotic ‘Stripped’ and the shuffling ‘Hexagonia’ proving while he can shift his focus away from 4/4 rhythms he’ll never lose sight of the intuitive groove that will always keep people moving. It’s been a while since Hugo popped up on the x Warp Records x Soundcloud curated compilation ‘Filtered’ back in 2012, and we couldn’t be more excited for these new tunes.



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