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Sentrall 006 (white vinyl)

  • played by: DJ Harvey!

Sentrall 006 (white vinyl)
Label: Sentrall
Nr kat.: SEN006
Format: 12"
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  • b1 Project Sandro - Blazer.mp3


One evening in 2005, Rollmottle and Tony Watson as "Project Sandro" produced "Blazer" before a night out in Downtown Los Angeles with Maurice Fulton. "Blazer" was a vision of the city, the sun, the sand, the smog, the swimsuits and slices of watermelon. When "Blazer" was released it was a hard sell. It was too weird, too slow, too...something? The record sat untouched for almost a year. Eventually, the boys gave one to their kind bud, DJ Harvey. Once Harvey dropped it at FK's Deep Space in NYC, people started to understand. Soon after, a Japanese distributor called and purchased all 300 copies and the record sold out almost immediately. And thus, the beginning of this record's mythos began. A few recognized "Blazer's" impact early on -- a couple years after its initial release, Gerd Jansen licensed it for Sonar Kollektiv's "Computer Incarnations For World Peace II" and Rong licensed it for "Rong Music Presents Non-Stop Vol. 1." It remained largely impossible to find though, and much to Project Sandro's dismay, it started selling on Discogs for $80. But it was always clear people wanted to hear "Blazer." And now for the first time in 10 years, it appears on its home imprint in a special 10 year anniversary limited edition of white vinyl. Project Sandro hopes people are ready for it this time! Available for the first time on vinyl since the original pressing of 300. Special 10 year anniversary white vinyl edition. Limited quantities.




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