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  • 01 Unfold.mp3
  • 02 Elastic.mp3
  • 03 Squeeze.mp3
  • 04 Propel.mp3
  • 05 Rush.mp3
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Techno mutant Gábor Lázár morphs 2-step and warped electropes with futuristic tension and torsion on Unfold - the Hungarian artist's first solo 2LP for The Death of Rave. The 8-track album follows a busy 2017 for Gábor in which he released Crisis of Representation with Shelter Press, heard his music played in numerous Aphex Twin live/DJ shows, and also toured the EU with
Josh Eustis & Turk Dietrich's Second Woman - an experience which fed directly into the sharper defined rhythms and plasmic mentasms of this album, arguably Gábor's definitive solo release.
Kerning classic styles with devious ballistics according to a mutant syntax reflected in the LP's bespoke sleeve art, Gábor galvanises his signature flux of zinging mentasms and hyper rhythms with a cyber-mongrel gnash in Unfold. Drawing from the deeply affective and rude ends of South Yorkshire, Detroit and South London technous for inspiration, Gábor consolidates their mutual aspects by trimming the excess and stressing the funkiest points of syncopation with razor sharp, inventive edits. Whilst instantly recognisable as Gábor's work, his grooves are more pronounced, and this time unusually riddled with melodic gestures that lead to moments of unexpected emotive relief.
In the contemporary field, Unfold firmly lives up to comparison with the retro-futurism of Mark Fell's Sensate Focus, the advanced playfulness of Errorsmith's Superlative Fatigue, or the fluidly knotted syncopation of Jlin, but with a singular mesh of style and pattern that Gábor can patently declare his own.
Gábor Lázár lives and works in Budapest. He self-released a split tape with Russell Haswell in 2013, then 'I.L.S.' (Presto!, 2013) and Crisis of Representation (Shelter Press, 2017), beside his EP16 (2014) and a collaboration with Mark Fell 'Neurobiology of Moral Decision Making' (2015) for The Death of Rave and remixes of Second Woman and Jesse Osborne Lintier & Grischa Lichtenberger. Gábor has toured his live show extensively in Europe, held artist residencies at HeK, Basel, EMS, Stockholm, and 4DSound Amsterdam, and was a SHAPE Platform Artist of 2017.



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