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Inner Vision

  • Po raz 1. na singlu, oficjalnie: rzadkie, hitowe piosenki nigeryjskiej odpowiedzi na Steviego Wondera. Disco-pop, highlife a nawet karaibskie tropy. Uwaga na zabójczy cover numeru Cliffa Richarda

Inner Vision
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  • a1 Inner Vision.mp3
  • b1 Revelation (Ibo).mp3
  • b2 Let's Make A Memory.mp3

Po raz 1. na singlu, oficjalnie: poszukiwane bangery piosenkarza-nigeryjskiej odpowiedzi na Steviego Wondera. Disco-pop, highlife a nawet karaibskie tropy. Uwaga na zabójczy cover numeru Cliffa Richarda.

If you were around some 36 years ago, and you are still around today, then you will again enjoy three of the six hit songs that ruled the music airwaves in Nigeria's 80's, filling you with nostalgia. If you are of today's people, then you will be fortunate enough to enjoy three evergreen songs that will take you to cloud nine.

Chuks Ejelonu, undoubtedly, Africa's answer to America's Stevie Wonder, at the age of 18, released an album on vinyl titled "Let's Make A Memory" in the mid 80's. It contained six hit songs that made great impact on the music scene. Selling thousands of copies in the West-African sub region it would go overseas months later, were copies of the album would hit the streets of London and New York. Despite being widespread in some regions, only a hand full of copies are located to this day.

With the coming of the internet, the album was displayed on several music sites and online music shops. Music lovers worldwide, scrambled for the album, purchasing it in the format of their choice, namely, vinyl, CD and MP3. Bootleggers/pirates also had their fair share of the sales of the album, even today, and prices on original copies soared. Chuks, on a monthly basis, still receives offers, calls, and mails requesting for the album.

Now, to meet the high demand, three tracks have been revived to, again, make an impact on diggers, dancers and listeners alike. The songs cut across all category of persons. A1's "Inner Vision" is a disco pop song that will capture the attention of today's generation. On the B-side, "Revelation-(Ibo)", a highlife/afro pop that will catch the attention of people that are culturally and religiously affiliated. And finally, "Let's Make A Memory": An upbeat country pop classic with an unmistakable African touch that will sit well with the older generation and blend with the young generation, a song for love seekers.

He thanks the team of Monte Cristo, for repackaging and rebranding him, his lovely wife/personal assistant Eno Pearl Ejelonu, for her support and ardent concern, his able manager, Ugo Ejelonu for his painstaking endurance and the greatest thanks to Jehovah God for the huge success.

Pick up this EP, "Inner Vision" and enjoy the rave of the moment, the rebranded Chuks.



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