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Sauce And Dogs

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Sauce And Dogs
Nr kat.: CHOPS001
Format: LP
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  • 01 Spit & Sawdust.mp3
  • 02 Wax & Buff.mp3
  • 03 Bun & Cheese.mp3
  • 04 Sauce & Dogs.mp3
  • 05 Smash & Grab.mp3
  • 06 Cloak & Dagger.mp3
  • 07 Nip & Tuck.mp3
  • 08 Up & Under.mp3
  • 09 Grace & Grit.mp3
  • 10 Smoke & Mirrors.mp3


Modern Free / Experimental Jazz with heavy Brazillian rhythms and thundering electronics from the mysterious (but obviously very experienced) group.

Very little is known about the debut album by Sauce and Dogs except for a rather vague and ultra-short description accompanying the release (“a mysterious but obviously very experienced group”), but at Rush Hour we tend to trust our ears - there’s something special going on here.

A cloud of vagueness surrounds this ten track album that looks like a charming DIY project (the only other info available says “actual sleeves are hand printed in London”), but the contents clearly give away this is the work of a bunch of highly skilled professionals on a mission. It’s been on high rotation at the store all week, even though we’re not even sure how we got these. In fact there’s so little information about this album out there that I was immediately presented with the answer to one of life’s bigger questions when I tried to Google it: “can my dog eat spaghetti sauce?”

What we do know about Sauce and Dogs’ self-titled album is that it’s a solid group effort that merges elements of post-punk, dub, spiritual jazz, samba and psych into something truely unique. A sound that’s augmented by impeccable production. 

A wavey bassline, jazzy percussion and a wide array of free-floating string instruments set the tone on opening statement ‘Spit and Sawdust’. 
‘Wax and Buff’ is cut from a different cloth - a heavy samba tune dipped in psychedelica. Things get trippy on the weirdly wonderful ‘Bun and Cheese’ and the hazey title track that melts dreamy shoegaze, slo-mo bossa and spacey dub into four and a half minutes of pure bliss. And that’s just the A-side.

“OK, But what about the bigger question?”, you’re asking. Well, apparently it’s not a good idea to feed your dog spaghetti sauce. “Tomatoes contain significant quantities of the toxic alkaloid that is bad for dogs, although a single ripe red tomatoe is essentially harmless. However, do not feed Fido ketchup or pasta sauce, as they contain several other ingredients that are bad for him, such as onions, chives, and even garlic in large doses.” (by Rogier Oostlander)

*Artwork is not exact - actual sleeves are hand printed in London* 




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