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Watra (Gatefold)

Watra (Gatefold)
Nr kat.: 004LP
Format: 2LP
Kraj: PL
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Limited Edition Double Vinyl
Gatefold with two 12"s, side A/B: 33 1/3 rpm, side C/D: 45 rpm


Heard in the Carpathians, „watra” is a word of Wallachian origin which refers to a large bonefire with a wooden construction set up. Burned and accompanied by singing and recalling the old times, it symbolizes the return to the roots and serves the purpose of glorifying the ancestors.

Watra is also what we ourselves associate with inspiring meetings bustling with stories of tradition, travel and music from around the world, when, by the fire, different musical worlds of jazz and folklore have brought us together.

Now we’re all in the state of journey back to our roots, friends creating music together that we are, inspiring one another during numerous gatherings by the fire in Śpiwle estate found in Sucha Beskidzka at the slope of Mioduszyna Mountain and in the Cofeina Jazz Cafe, where the recording of this album took place.



released June 26, 2021

Piotr Damasiewicz trumpet, harmonium, percusssions, voice
Zbigniew Kozera bass, guimbri, african harph
Paweł Szpura drum, frame drum

Alicja Krzeszowiak voice
Natalia Krzeszowiak voice
Kamila Krzeszowiak voice
Krzysztof Ryt violin, five-string viola
Paweł Ryt voice, second violin
Jan Ryt bagpipe, tin whistle

Recording Engineer Maciej Stach
Mixing and Additional Recording Marcin Bors (bors@fonoplastykon)
Mastered by Marcin Bors
Layout Natalia Laskowska
Artwork Otecki

All compositions and arrangements were written by Piotr Damasiewicz, Zbigniew Kozera, Paweł Szpura. Keira uses the manifest text of the L.A.S. by Piotr Damasiewicz. On tracks Smrecki, Roztoka, Unoso sie chmury, Ido se łowiecki, Z Babiyj Góry w Pola were used melodies and lyrics of traditional songs from Babia Góra.

Recorded live at COFEINA JAZZ CAFE, Sucha Beskidzka, 14-15.12.2020

The album was created thanks to the financial support of the Mayor of the City of Sucha Beskidzka, Stanisław Lichosyt, and cooperation with the Culture and Film Center in Sucha Beskidzka.

Special thanks to Sylwia Pająk and Vinchu, Kasia Wysoczyńska and Cofeina Team

©℗ Produced by L.A.S. [listening and sounding]




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