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Afro Disco Beat (Disco Afro Reedit Vol. 2)

Afro Disco Beat (Disco Afro Reedit Vol. 2)
Label: Comet
Nr kat.: COMET080
Format: 12"
Styl: African
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  • b1 Afro Disco Beat (Africaine 808 rework).mp3
  • b2 African Message (Mexican Institute Of Sound rework).mp3


In 1976, Fela Anikulapo Kuti & Afrika 70 released a total of 8 albums including the hit Zombie. At the time of their height, Tony Allen, Fela's drummer, decided to release a follow-up album to Jealousy. Progress was the result of a series of studio sessions, featuring Fela himself with a tenor solo on the title-track. The b-side contains the dancefloor filler Afro Disco Beat'. Today, Comet proudly presents the 2nd release of the Tony Allen & Africa 70 (Disco Afro Series): featuring remastered original versions of Afro Disco Beat' and remixes by Africaine 808 & Mexican Institute of Sound. Africaine 808, the Berlin-based duo of Dirk Leyers and DJ Nomad (Hans Reuschl), have been challenging the norm with their distinctive flavor of West African bass, rhythms and samples mixed into moreish disco and house tracks. Camilo Lara, known as the Mexican Institute of Sound is a musician, remixer, producer, Dj and label manager for Casete Records in Mexico, which has distributed albums from artists such as Radiohead, Bjork, Jamie XX and Nick Cave.

Dj Nomad talks about Tony Allen: "The first time I heard "Afro Disco Beat" must have been at one of the Afrocosmic parties up in the Alpes, around 1992. I think it was there for the first time, I started processing the genius of Tony and other great afrodrummers, by following their lead, drumming along, learning the basics of the Afrobeat groove. Years later my friend Hunee gave me a copy of "Afro Disco Beat" for my birthday, I ran that copy down and bought another one, that's how much I played it. To that day it's definitely one of my most played records of all time. When Dirk and me started the Africaine 808 project, he gave me a copy of Tony's Black Voices album as a present, because it marked a connecting point of our two very different musical upbringings. So, without a doubt, it was a great honor to be asked to be part of this project, and go full circle with a track that is living music history for both of us. Our goal was to honor the creative vision of the original track without using original samples, but to add a futuristic twist by re-programming it with drummachines and synthesizers. We hope it worked! Maximum respect to the creator of the Afrobeat, Long Live Tony Allen ! "



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